Thursday, April 10, 2014

Summer Mango Butter Soap

I have another soap recipe to share with you today.  It's a Summer Mango Butter Soap made with goat's milk.  I wanted a soap that was a bit heavier on mango butter than any recipe I could find on the internet, so I came up with my own.  Mango butter is richly moisturizing, is great for treating cuts and skin rashes, and isn't as greasy feeling as shea butter. Oh, and it smells amazing! I used in in a lotion bar as well (I'll have to share that recipe another time!), and it's just as good a soap as it is in a lotion bar.

I've been using this soap for a few weeks now, and it is luxurious, moisturizing, and silky smooth.  The color in the photo is natural and comes from the mango and the goats milk.  I call this soap summer soap for a few reasons.  There's just something about mango butter that feels like it should be in a summer soap.  This soap is also made from my friend's goat's milk (thanks Julie!), and using milk instead of water adds extra moisture (by way of fat) to the lotion.  Finally, I added some castor oil to make it lather nicely. Please note, I do not use palm oil in any of my soap making. I've found that soybean oil and olive oil make very nice alternatives. Now on to the recipe (as with all my soap recipes, I'm just sharing the recipe.  There are lots of great tutorials out there on making cold process soap, so it's just the recipe here).

Summer Mango Butter Soap
8 oz Mango Butter 
16 oz Olive Oil
10 oz Coconut Oil
8 oz Soybean Oil
2 oz Castor Oil
6 oz Lye
14 oz Goat Milk
Optional 2 oz essential oils at trace (lavender and orange go very nicely with this soap)

Because of some of the oils used in this soap, I do like to let it cure for closer to 6 - 8 weeks. However, using it after 4 weeks won't hurt anything, it just won't be as hard a bar of soap as if you allow it longer curing time.  If you make it now, it will be ready just in time for the summer!

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