Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Story Jelly Beans

A few years ago we planted magic jelly beans for Easter.  My boys were asking if we could do it again, but this year I decided to put a bit more focus on the reason for Easter, then just a fun activity. This year we're changing how we do it a bit and calling them Easter Story Jelly Beans.

They're still pretty magical, but instead of a special treat (in our case some crazy fun suckers) springing up over night, this year we will be planting a few jelly beans on Good Friday.  It will be a good time to talk (again) about what Good Friday means, and how Jesus died and was buried (I always find that my boys retain things more if their hands are busy while their ears are listening). We will then have to wait all the way until Easter morning to see what grows from them. Another great time to talk about how Jesus' followers must have felt waiting for the very first Easter morning. 

There's a fun little religious poem/prayer saying what each of the colors of the jellybeans stand for.  I decided to print it out on tags.  I laminated them with my Xyron Creative Station, because my boys are really into bookmarks right now, and I thought they would make fun bookmarks after they open their jellybean bags. 
Speaking of the bags. They are Pebbles Inc.'s Special Delivery Printed bags.  I cut a little peek-a-boo window and embellished them with paper from Pebbles Inc.'s Garden Party.

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