Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to Eat a Marshmallow

Some things you just have your camera ready for. My youngest has eaten his fair share of s'mores, but this was first time he ate a good 'ole fashioned toasted marshmallow. While he ate, I stood there snapping away.

I used American Crafts Campy Trails for this layout. I had the papers and ribbon left over from this pop up mini album I created for A Walk Down Memory Lane. However, I had to run to the store to pick up that fun "so stinkin' cute" badge. My layout definitely would not have been complete without it.
I took close up of the badge and stitching, so you can get a better look at that part of the layout. The twine is from May Arts (I believe they call it twisted burlap). It's a little bit harder to stitch with than thread, but totally worth it for a rustic layout like this. I just wanted to mention, that if you're thinking about trying it, make sure to pierce your holes a bit bigger than normal, and use a thicker needle (with a large eye for threading) than usual. It also works best if you work with shorter strands. I used a strand that was about the length of my arm from my shoulder to my wrist. If you use too long a piece, the twine will start to gather and bunch in weird places.

Tomorrow I'll be back to mix things up with a knitted craft instead of a paper craft.

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