Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Folio

Are you ready for Halloween? We don't go trick or treating until Halloween, but every year I have my kiddos try on their costumes a head of time, and we do a little mini photo shoot then (that way I don't have to try to get them to stand still for pictures when they're all hopped up on sugar).  I still take some photos of them when they're trick or treating, but I don't take nearly as many.  As an added bonus, I can get a jump start on my Halloween mini album.  This year I'm using the small Tim Holtz folio to do a Halloween Folio.

I decided to use Simple Stories Frankie & Friends for the paper and embellishments for my folio.   

Not only is Frankie and Friends adorable, it goes well with the kraft color of the folio, so I can work with the craft, and not have to cover every inch of the folio with patterned paper.  

 The folio folds open like this.  This book is so easily customizable.  There are 2 flaps that fold up on the right hand side.

Underneath that is folded area that will hold the photos I take on Halloween.  The fan folded area comes unattached from the album, so you can easily add photos and embellish it before attaching it to the album.  The picture below shows what I mean a little better. 

After Friday, I'll finish adding photos and embellish a bit more, but it's nice to be more than halfway done with my Halloween Folio mini album before we ever even go trick or treating.

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