Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Teacher Gifts - Cups and Cards

Our last day of school for this school year is this Thursday!  It feels like I just took (and scrapped) their 1st day of school photos.  Today I finished up my teacher gifts and cards for my kids to take to school.  This year I made some personalized cups and simple thank you cards.

and cards:

First up, the cups.

I have a mix of drink cups and coffee cups, but how I decorated them was the same.  They're the type of cup that you're supposed to slip and photo inside of.  Instead of putting a photo inside, I cut out the name of our school's sports teams.  I need to explain, since we live in a small town, for sports where you need a lot of kids (like football) our school combines with another, and they're called the Nighthawks.  When we play a sport where you don't need as many players (like basketball) we don't combine, and we call ourselves the Rockets. Because of this, I put the Rockets logo on one side with their colors, and the Nighthawks on the other side in their colors.  You could just as easily put the teacher's name or school mascot on the opposite side. 

I cut my paper to the correct size by scanning the image into my Silhouette, and had it do all the work cutting out the right sized paper along with cutting out the mascot names (you can see my tutorial on how to scan images into your Silhouette software for cutting here). Since I needed lots of black patterned paper for this project, I dug into my leftovers from Halloween. Yup! I used Pebbles Thirty-one for all of my black and orange paper!  If you don't have lots of leftover paper in the right colors, the Pebbles Basics collection is a great place to start to look for a pattern in the right color. 

 I also needed some cards to go along with my gifts.  To make 6 fast cards, I pulled out my Pebbles Basics Cardmaking Pad and used it for all the bases of my cards.  I cut "many thanks" into white or gray card stock with my Silhouette, and then attached it directly to my card bases.

When that was done, I felt like they needed a little something more, so I used a white gel pen or a gray marker to draw a line all the way around the edge. 

Since we also like to give our teachers gift cards, I used the Avery Elle Simply Tags Love Notes Pocket die to create a little gift card pocket for the inside of the card. 

Now all I need to do is sit down and write some thank yous to the awesome teachers at our school...before Thursday! 
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