Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Superhero Training Camp Party

My youngest turned 6 today.  6! We're planning what should be a pretty fun party for Saturday.  We'll have a little over a dozen boys running around our house (hopefully outside, weather permitting) for a Superhero Training Camp Party. Today I thought I'd share the items that I made/altered/paper crafted for the party. If you follow me on my Facebook Page, you may have seen a few sneaks of these.  Oh, and I've found that in the world of birthday parties just about everything has been done before, so if something looks familiar, I'm not trying to copy someone without giving them credit, I promise!

First up is the favor for a little game we're going to call Stomp the Villian:

We will be putting pictures of 14 different villains printed on 8 1/2" by 11" paper on the ground in a circle (think musical chairs style).  We'll play music, and the kids will walk around the circle. When the music stops, each kid must stomp (jump on) a villain.  Then the adult running the game picks a card (I printed all the same villains from the circle onto playing card sized paper) and announces that the villain on that card was captured, "Batman defeated the Joker", or "Wolverine defeated Magneto".  The kid standing on that picture has won that round. He picks up the picture from the ground and turns it in for a pair of villain/superhero magnets (if he captures Dr. Zoom, for example, he'll get a magnet pair of Dr. Zoom and The Flash).  I found glass 1/2 beads and magnets that were 1 1/4" so these are nice and big.

These are the take home favor boxes.  I picked these up on sale months ago.  We've stuffed them with fun superhero favors like candy, stickers, tattoos, pencils, etc. I kept these simple by just gluing on pictures of different superheros to the front...I can hardly call it paper crafting, but I did use paper and glue, so I'm including them here.

I've saved my favorite project for last.

We love doing scavenger hunts for birthday games.  These batsignals will be the prize at the end of the hunt!  These were really easy to make since Silhouette has Batman files in their online store.

I cut the bat from black vinyl to place over the plastic of the flashlight.  They won't shine in a bat shape, but the bat logo makes them look extra cool!

For the tags, I just showed my birthday boy the different Batman print and cut shapes, and he picked out the one he liked.  A used foam adhesive to attach them to black or silver tags, and added a little detailing with a black or silver pen.  Super simple, and so cute!

That's it for today, but definitely not it for the party fun. I'll make sure to share some more after the party is over! 


Ginnie said...

This looks like such a fun party! I love everything you did - the flashlights are so cool:) Hope it was a great party!

AllAmy said...

i love a good kids party. This looks like fun!!