Friday, September 27, 2013

Using Pebbles Mini Envelopes for Journaling Pockets

I've had an idea for a layout in my head for a long time.  When I got Pebbles From Me to You collection I knew it was time to use the Mini Envelopes for Journaling Pockets and put the layout in my head down on paper.
There are things that I say to my kids more often than others.  In the midst of saying "Don't pick your nose!" one day I thought, boy some day that's all my kids will remember I've said.  As I really thought about it though, I realized there are things (slightly more important than "don't pick your nose") that I say a lot, and I hope they'll remember.

I picked 6 of the things I say the the most and put them as a title on little pieces of card stock. I used the rest of the space to explain why I say those things so often, or what I hope they'll learn from those words. I mounted 6 mini envelopes on my layout, and tucked the top flap of the envelope inside the envelope, so they act more as a pocket then a seal-able envelope.

 Originally, I was going to do this layout without a photo, but I just happened to have a new headshot, and decided to use that on the layout as well.
Truth be told, I like some layouts much more than I like others. I really love this layout, I think it has less to do with the layout itself and more to do with how much of my heart I put into it.  So often I scrap my boys or my husband and my boys, and it was really fun (and a little hard) to do a page where I took center stage.

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Kelly Sas said...

Great idea and it turned out really nice.