Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A little knitting

Paper crafting takes up most of my allotted "craft time". However, once in a while I get the itch to bust out the knitting needles or spinning wheel just to make sure I haven't forgotten. You see, back in college, I thought it would be fun to learn how to knit, so my Grandma taught me (she learned how to knit from her mother). Not too long after that, I stumbled across this amazing yarn and fiber shop in Fort Collins, CO (where we used to live). There I learned how to spin. Then I had a baby, and as he grew, he thought the spinning wheel seemed like a very fun toy, so the spinning wheel was relegated to a dark corner of my bedroom to be taken out again, "some day." Then I had baby #2 and decided scrapbooking would be fun. Little did I know I would fall head over heals in love with it...which would take up most of my crafting time. But, like I said, once in a while I like to take out the spinning wheel or my knitting needles just to make sure I still remember how to spin and knit, because some day I'll have more time...right?

I'm thinking about making a few of these for Christmas presents. It's about 5 1/2" across from point to point. I've made it into a pin so it can be fastened onto a coat. I'm just picturing it on my grey wool winter jacket. I also have this picture in my head of it attached to a fabulous wool purse...maybe I'll just have to take out my needles again some time soon to knit one.

Here's hoping you find time today to indulge in a little creative time of your own.


Kelly Sas said...

Very nice. It could be used in so many ways and add so much detail to anything!

Stuckup Stitches said...

Love the story. Do you share this pattern? I would love to try it ! If so maybe you can email me your pattern. I usually crochet flowers. Thank you