Thursday, October 27, 2016

Classroom Halloween Favors

Halloween is less then a week, so I figured I'd better finish up my son's classroom Halloween favors. He wanted to take some tic-tac-boo cards to play with Hershey's Kisses. Here's what I came up with for him.

I created the tic-tac-boo cards in Silhouette Studio. Then, when I was ready, I could use the print and cut feature on the Cameo to print and cut the game boards. I created 2 different boards, one with an owl and pumpkins and one with ghosts and a spider. Each board is about 4" x 5".

I printed labels (Avery makes 3/4" circle sticker labels that are the perfect size for Hershey's Kisses) that had matching icons on them. Each bag got 5 each of 2 different designs for a total of 10 Kisses per bag (you really only need 9 kisses per bag, but I included an extra one to make things even).

With the help of my Cameo, these classroom Halloween favors were super fun to make. I hope the kids have as much fun playing with them (and eating them) as I did creating them!

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