Friday, August 1, 2014


Mid July we had a whole bunch of (75ish) cyclists camped overnight at our house and two of the neighbors' houses. It was the kick off to the big bike ride across Iowa.  I'm not crazy enough to bike across Iowa, but I am crazy enough to host lots of cyclists from the Chicago cycling club called CUBS...and it was a blast!  Here's a little 2 pager I did about our RAGBRAI Guests.

 I rarely forget I have paper (I have a pretty good system where I use my paper pretty soon after getting it if all goes well), but I totally forgot I had this paper!  It's Cut & Paste from My Mind's Eye.  It's a stunning collection, and the bike paper was perfect for what I was scrapping. I'm so glad I stumbled across it the other day!

We made signs and decorated our windows on the front and back of the house with window crayons welcoming the CUBS. We had a whole lot of tents in the back yard and bicycles in the front yard and garage!

 Did I mention the average age of the riders in the CUBS is something like 55?  Crazy, right?

 The boys especially loved checking out all of the cool bikes and accessories on the bikes (things like speakers, special water bottle holders, etc.).

Definitely an experience worth at least one scrapbook page!

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