Thursday, December 20, 2018

Quick Mini Cards

If you're like me quick crafts are about all you have time for this time of year.  That's why I have a set of quick mini cards to share today. I'm using them in my teacher gifts, but the 3 3/4" square size makes them perfect for just about anything.

I used papers and stickers from the December Scrapbooking Store kit. I loved everything about this kit. The papers in it are a great mix of traditional and modern Christmas colors.

Fun fact, a 3 3/4" x 3 3/4" card fits perfectly inside one of Amazon's square gift card gift boxes. It doesn't get much easier than an Amazon gift card in a pretty box with a quick hand made mini card for a teacher gift (or a gift for a friend or family member).

To keep these looking a bit more interesting (simple doesn't have to mean plain), I used a lot of Pop-Up Glue Dots. The dimensional adhesive gives a layered look to the cards, even though there aren't any paper layers.

I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Christmas!

I wrote this post while working for the Scrapbooking Store and Glue Dots design teams.

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Jen said...

I just gave amazon gift cards to my daughter’s teachers today and WISH I had seen this sooner! Oh well, next year it is