Thursday, March 3, 2016

St. Patty’s Day Wall Art – How to edit a Silhouette design to add color for printing

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Today I'm sharing some St. Patty’s Day Wall Art. Part of this wall art is cut with the Cameo and part is printed with my Canon Pixma printer, so I’m going to give you a step by step tutorial on how to edit a design to add color for printing. This is a super versatile technique that works with shape or word designs. 

On my finished piece, the gold words have been cut with the Silhouette but everything in green was printed out from a cutting file that I downloaded from the Silhouette on-line store. 

Above, you see what the file looks like when opened. There are 2 parts to this particular file. For the printable portion of my wall art, I’m using the words on the left hand side (that are lined up on the paper). I will be cutting some of the words from the right hand grouping later, so I’ve left them there, but  moved them off of the cutting area. 

Make sure everything that you want to change the color of is selected by drawing a box around the whole thing. Now, click on the button in the upper right hand corner that lets you “Open the Line Color Window”.

On the far right hand side you will choose your line color by simply clicking on the color you want. As you can see, I’ve selected one of the greens. 

Next, next you will click on the button in the top right hand corner that lets you “Open the Fill Color Window”.

Then, choose the color you want from the menu on the right. If you click on the advanced options button in the menu, you will get even more colors to choose from.  Now you’re all set to print out your design

For this project I chose a smooth white card stock, but remember, you can print on colored card stock and even patterned paper for a whole world of possibilities.

I finished up my project by grabbing a few of the individual words (from the part of the cutting file that I moved to the right hand side in the very first tutorial picture in this post) and cutting them out in gold paper.

Since these words came from the exact same file that I used for the printed portion of my wall art, they will be the exact shape and size to fit my printable. 

All I needed to do to finish up my wall art was to use some Glue Dots to attach the gold words directly over the green words I wanted to highlight. So simple! 

After popping my finished paper into a frame, I have a fun and customized piece of St. Patty’s Day wall art. Have you ever edited a design to add color for printing? I’d love to hear how you use this technique in your crafty adventures!

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