Friday, October 23, 2015

Grocery Shopping

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I have a confession to make: When my husband and I travel, we love to go grocery shopping. Seriously, the farther away you are from home, the better the grocery stores get. We love browsing all the food we don't have at home. When we were in Ireland, we found a grocery store in every town we spent the night in. Usually we picked up our breakfast for the morning, a few snacks for the hotel room, and some candy to bring back for the kids.  

I ordered Pink Paislee's Atlas collection specifically to use for scrapping Ireland. It's a fantastic travel line. The colors are rich and bright. Pops of white and gray are accented with teal, yellows, and greens. I really love the Atlas Instagram Cards. They're a mix of photo frames (that I like to use for journaling) and acetate embellishment cards.

You can see there are bits of memorabilia mixed into this layout. There's a receipt from one of our store trips in Belfast, and the only candy wrapper I remembered to save. My kids were totally weirded out by the fact that European Smarties are candy coated chocolate...nothing like the smarties here. If you want to try out the Nestle Smarties, you can find them here. Our favorite candies were more of a fruit snack called Randoms. The best part was that, about a month after we got back from vacation, they started selling Randoms by us in the US. Do yourself a favor and try them out some time, they're delicious!

 Do you like to visit different grocery stores? I'd love to hear about your favorite find (or strangest find!).
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Cindy deRosier said...

Great layout! We love visiting grocery stores when we travel, too. Interestingly, the strangest thing I've seen in a grocery store was not from international travel, but rather in the Jacksonville, FL area. It was a 5 gallon tub of lard. I've never seen lard for sale in our San Francisco area stores, let alone 5 gallons!

Samantha Taylor said...

That sounds like a lot of lard! So funny, Cindy!