Saturday, June 28, 2014

Super Kid Layout

I believe I promised more layouts from my 6 yr old's Super Hero Training Camp birthday party.  Today I have a Super Kid Layout that features my older son (the non-birthday boy).  One of the best games from the party was the quick change game. 

First, a little about the game.  I enlisted my dad to make the phone booth from a large box.  Because he's grandpa, he got a little fancy.  Instead of just spray painting the box, he actually covered the whole thing in red duct tape.  It was really cool, and much nicer than if I would have done it myself.  Not only was it fun for the game, but was a great decoration for the party, too (and now my kids have a giant phone booth to play in that I don't think they'll ever let me get rid of).  I also enlisted my mom to sew super hero eye masks for each kid.  The masks were a big hit!  We put each kid in an over sized suit coat and tie.  They had to run into the phone booth, take the suit and tie off, and change into their mask and cape.  We timed them to see who could do it the fastest.  Lots of boys wanted to try it more than once to see if they could beat their previous best time.  

Now a little about the layout. For scrapping these photos, I decided to once again grab Pebbles awesome birthday collection, Birthday Wishes.  Since this was also a super hero layout, I grabbed some of the stickers from Pebbles Amy Locurto Party collection as well. They worked pretty well together on this layout. 

I really just can't seem to get enough of Birthday Wishes.  The patterns in this collection are so diverse, that even though I keep using the same collections every layout looks quite different.  Which is probably a good thing since I have a few more layouts to create from the party.

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Juliana Michaels said...

What a fun game and layout! Don't you just love this collection?!