Sunday, October 27, 2013

Printed Bag Halloween Mini Album

Every year I make a Halloween mini album.  It becomes a bit of a challenge to make it look different every year.  This year I decided to use the Printed Bags from Pebbles Thirty-one collection to build the base of my album and the papers, stickers and photo overlays from Thirty-one to embellish it.

I used baker's twine to create a book style binding for the pages. 

I have a really hard time pairing down my photos for a mini album, so the added bonus to using bags, is that you have built in pockets to slip extra photos and memorabilia. 

A few weeks before Halloween, I have my kids try on their costumes to make sure we have everything figured out from head to toe, and then we do a fun mini photo shoot. This way I can get some fun photos when they're not all hopped up on sugar and too antsy to let me take their pictures.

I used those photos to start my album, and left a few blank pages at the end to add some picture from the actual day of trick-or-treating.

I usually keep my pages a bit basic, and go back in and add a few more embellishments when I'm adding my final photos.  

 You can see here, where my photo shoot photos ended, and my trick-or-treating photos will begin (don't you just love that cool photo overlay!?!).

Every year I have my husband take a photo of me with my boys dressed up in their costumes. Since I know we'll be taking that picture, I created a page ahead of time for it. I thought the "under your spell" chalkboard sticker was a perfect compliment to that yet to be taken photo.

So that's my album for this year.  I'm pretty happy that I've got most of it done ahead of time!

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Kelly Sas said...

Your creativity never ceases to AMAZE me!