Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Caffeinated Cocoa Butter Soap

Way back in July I shared a set of Princess Baby Shower Favors, and one of the favors was some homemade Caffeinated Cocoa Butter Soap.  I figured it was about time that I shared the recipe. 

I created this recipe, because I wanted a soap with a high concentration of cocoa butter in it, and I couldn't find a recipe like that out there. I also decided that coffee as my liquid would would really compliment the lovely natural scent of the cocoa butter. As with all of my soaps, this soap is palm oil free.

The coffee grounds (which are optional), added at trace, make this an exfoliating bar as well. The coffee gives the bar a lovely light brown color. This soap does take a bit to come to trace, so just keep mixing! If you're new to soap making, this is an easy recipe, but make sure you read up on the steps of safe soap making first as I'm only supplying the recipe here, not the details.

Caffeinated Cocoa Butter Soap Recipe
10 oz cocoa butter
8 oz coconut oil
8 oz olive oil
6 oz soybean oil
3 oz castor oil
4.8 oz lye
12 oz brewed double strength coffee (chilled) - reserve some of the used grounds to add at trace

Optional Added at Trace:
 1- 2 Tbs coffee grounds (I used 2 Tbs, and it's a little scratchy for me, but I have very sensitive skin)
.5 oz essential oil (vanilla or almond would be nice with this recipe)

This recipe is 6% superfatted

This soap is great for men or women.
Please don't hesitate to leave me a message if you have questions about this recipe or if you try it.

If you'd like to see how I packaged this soap up for a gift, check out my Princess Party Favor Post.

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