Saturday, November 27, 2010

Coffee Cup Sleeves

I thought I'd share a quick, fun Christmas gift idea. I'm making a number of these coffee sleeves. I have some plastic, reusable cups that look exactly like the paper ones that you get at coffee places ordered (they haven't shown up yet), but this cup gives you the general idea.

These are really simple. I found funky socks at Target, cut them to the right size w/ my Fiskars scissors, added a little fabric glue to the top and bottom to keep them from fraying, and then sewed on buttons (I love these buttons from Doodlebug!). I'm playing around with the buttons; Some go all the way around the sleeve, I've stacked them vertically in a column of 3, you get the idea. These cups and sock warmers are going to people like the lady who cleans my husband's office, the teacher's aid who holds the doors open and greets all the kids coming into school every morning, etc. Combined with a gift card to a local coffee shop, this would even make a great teacher gift. My kids are a little too young to help out with these yet, but if you have older kids, they're easy enough for kids to make for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and others too.

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