Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rock Stand

I recently won a paper crafting kit from 3 Birds.   I was expecting it to be cool, but when I opened my package, I totally fell in love with the collection.  I immediately went through my photos to figure out which one I needed to print for this paper collection.  I found this photo of my kids at their rock stand and knew I had a winner!

I know most kids set up a lemonade stand, but my boys and their best friend (and next door neighbor) decided to make a rock stand.  They packaged up rocks, loaded them into the back of their Gator, made a sign, and opened up shop where our yard meets up with the neighbor's yard.  It was pretty cute.  I just had to grab a photo of their first non-family member customer. 

I wanted to make sure I captured the whole story, so I created a journaling card from one of the card bases included in the kit. 

Embellishing was really, really easy, since the kit was full of  awesome layered stickers and chipboard shapes.  The hardest part was exercising some discretion and not using all of the embellishments!

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