Thursday, March 7, 2013

Glue Dots® Slap It

I have a lot of Glue Dots® sitting around the house. We often grab them for non-crafty endeavors. Recently we found a fun way to use Removable Glue Dots® with flash cards. Any flashcards will work. We are currently working on letters and sight words, so those are the flash cards you see in my photos.However, the sky is the limit...math flash cards, foreign language, numbers, colors...anything will work!

Removable Glue Dots®
1 Spatula Per Child

How to PlayYou can play this with 1 child or multiple children. I set up a different set of flashcards per child.
You will want to play this game on the floor. Kids seem to really love the slapping part of this game, and you'll want to be on a surface that can take some abuse.

Place a removable Glue Dot® on the back of a spatula.

Place about 8 - 10 flashcards from your stack onto the floor in front of the child.
Call out an item from one of the flashcards on the floor.

The child needs to find the flashcard with that item (word, color, number, etc.) and slap it. The card will stick to the Glue Dot®

The child shows the card to the adult for verification. The "used" flashcard is then moved to a completed pile, and a flashcard from the unused pile can be placed into the empty space left by the "used" flashcard.
Repeat until all the flashcards are gone.
You may need to occasionally replace the Glue Dot® on the spatula.

The best part is Removable Glue Dots® are on sale right now. Available at your local Walgreens in the arts and crafts section next to the poster board. On sale Buy One, Get One 50% off with card. Offer ends 3/31. Equal or lesser value.

I wrote this post while participating on the Glue Dots® Design Team

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Kelly Sas said...

What a fun creative game! You are such a great mom to think up such fun things with your boys.