Friday, April 14, 2017

Isaiah 53 Bible Journaling

I have always loved the message of Good Friday. I love the time it gives for reflection and the message of Christ crucified that I may live. I love that our sorrow is short lived and we look forward to an Easter of rejoicing. Today I wanted to do a bit of Isaiah 53 Bible journaling.

I wrote Isaiah 53:5 in the shape of a cross. I then went over my writing with an eraser to distress the words a bit. I shaded over the words with a brown pencil to give the cross a more solid feel.


While purple isn't usually my favorite color, it is the color of lent. It was definitely the right feel for this page. I used 3 different colors of purple Distress ink and sponged it on the background. I just used a bit of scratch paper to mask off the cross.

I hope you have time to reflect this Good Friday. Have a blessed Easter!

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