Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Felt Wreath and a Christmas Card Photo

I feel like I've been posting a lot of projects here lately, so later this week I promise to post a few layouts. I'm a bit behind of photographing them, but I have a stack. I'll also post a few of the cards we'll be making at the class I'm teaching on Saturday at my Local Scrap Store (if you're in the NW Iowa area, you can still sign up by calling A Walk Down Memory Lane at 712-476-3443). Today, though, I have 2 more projects.

First up, I just got done taking the photo for my Christmas card this year.

I created the frame by finding an 11 x 13 frame that I liked (and got on sale for $5!). Then I covered the glass with chalkboard vinyl. I got it at A Walk Down Memory Lane for $1.99/yard, so for $9 I had the frame all made. Plus, I can always use the frame for something else in the future. I decided to make the frame a little more festive by adding a felt poinsettia to it. I just pieced together some Stamp School felt I cut with this die to make it. Oh, and here's my tip of the day, if you don't have the best handwriting (which I don't) ask a friend who has beautiful handwriting to do it for you!

The other project I have today is this wreath:

I needed something to hang on my front door when it wasn't a holiday, so I jumped on the yarn wreath bandwagon.

I post this with the disclaimer that there are literally thousands of these wreaths out there in the crafty world, so if this resembles one you've seen, and I didn't credit that person, my apologies. I just started wrapping and cutting, and this is what I came up with.
I had a skein of this pretty cream yarn left over from a knitting project, so I started with that as a base. Then I pulled all of the Stamp School felt I own and held it up to my door, and went from there. I decided to go with 1 big flower instead of  lots of little ones.

I used the same leaf die that I used above to cut the leaves. I used a large scallop circle die to cut the purple part of the flower, but went back with my scissors and squared out the edges and cut the petals down almost to the center. I finished of the flower by adding a couple of Maya Road stick pins into the center of the flower.

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