Monday, September 3, 2012

Making a Few Embellishments

Once in a while, I like to just stock up on some hand made embellishments. Today I thought I'd make a couple quick flowers from Glue Dots® and some May Arts ribbon.

To make the first embellishment, I paired some Jute with an XL Glue Dot®

To start, take the top piece of paper off of an XL Glue Dot®. Stick the end of your jute or twine firmly to the center of the Glue Dot®.

Next, start wrapping the jute around your center point working in a circle from the center out. Press the jute firmly to Glue Dot® as you wrap. When you're all done it should look something like this:

To give it a little more pizazz, I used a Mini Glue Dot® to adhere a button to the center of the embellishment.

For my second embellishment I used a more traditional ribbon and an XXL Glue Dot®

This ribbon from May Arts is 1.5 inches wide, but you can use any width ribbon you'd like.

This project starts the exact same way as the one above. Adhere the end of your ribbon firmly to the center of your XXL Glue Dot®

However, when working with ribbon, you'll want to twist the ribbon a bit while wrapping it around the center starting point.

Keep twisting and wrapping until you hit the end of the Glue Dot®. You can tuck your raw end under some of the other ribbon around the edge to hide it.

Once again, I added a button to the center to finish off my embellishment. You can use these embellishments right away, or you can leave them on the plastic backing and set them aside to use on a future project.

Thanks for stopping by!


dawnmercedes said...

i'm so glad to be joining you as a glue dottess!!

Kelly Sas said...

I really like how the ribbon flower turned out. I will give this a try because I have some ribbon like that!