Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Little Book

I feel like I'm making a lot of mini albums these days, but there are so many fun things to be done with them! I wanted to share a quick little mini album I put together for my son last night. A back story on this: last year when my son got the pictures of his friends at school (you know those little mini ones the kids give their classmates), he saved them in an envelope. He loved to pull them out and tell me all about his friends. This year, instead of a envelope, he's going to get to put his pictures in this:
I chose to use those plastic name badges to build the album for 2 reasons: they provide great protection from grimy kid fingers and they're cheap. I layered paper and embellishments from Little Yellow Bicycle's Head of the Class Collection to build the album. Here's a close up of one of the pages to show you what I mean:

I layered the flashcard stickers on top of the patterned paper, slipped the paper into the badge holder, and then layered a canvas star on top of the plastic. Layering embellishments under and over the badges gives the pages extra interest and dimension. I love the look of this album so much that I'm thinking about making one for me to keep, too. Instead of putting my son's friends pictures in there, maybe I'll put pictures of highlights from school this year, or maybe I'll go long term and put a school picture in there every year from now until he graduates...oh the fun possibilities!

Album: Vertical Badge Holders
Paper: Little Yellow Bicycle Head of the Class (Practice Your ABC's/Dot to Dot, Pencil it in/Bus Stop Chalk Board/Red Numbers, Dot to Dot/Blue Study Hall, Geometry/Teal Test, Ruler/Yellow Study Hall)
Accessories: Little Yellow Bicycle Head of the Class (Clear Cut Shapes, Dimensional Pop-Up Stickers, Chipboard Shapes, Fresh Verse Stickers, Favorite Pieces, Journaling Cards, Fabric Favorites)
Adhesives: Mini Glue Dots®, Ultra Thin Glue Dots®

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Cindy deRosier said...

What a great idea! Does everyone get the big packets and exchange photos? I was a cheapskate and ordered the smallest possible package. Hope I haven't scarred my son!